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GX Dataware

big volume of data • fast, high speed • small size • full-featured • native • source code built-in and distributed

GX Dataware

GX Dataware is the ISAM RDBMS. VCL and FMX components to manage the native database application, and the components of the interface to it (32-bit Windows & 64-bit Windows & Android).

Big volume of data storage

It is able to store very big volume of data (64-bit addressing, parted indexes), which means you can store data in files that exceed 4294967295 bytes in size.

Fast, high speed data access

Despite the very large amount of data stored, access to them is very fast (no sessions).

Small size of data storage

The data is stored as compactly as possible, which is provided by an optimized structure and a large number of data storage types.

Full-featured implementation

Data management are fully implemented including indexes, BLOB fields and transactions. It is also possible to use tables in local and file-server mode simultaneously. You can also use the tables as in-memory tables.

Native language

Data definition and data management is carried out by methods and properties of components of tables and components of fields both original mechanism and by inheritor of TCustomField и TDataSet (no SQL).

Source code built-in and distributed

No additional installation of any libraries and applications is required (no servers) to perform a complete list of actions on the data. Both in design-time and in runtime.

Main features

Feature Value
Fields per table 1...32767
Records per table 0...2^63-1
Filename length 1...255 characters
Field-name length 1...31 case-insensitive characters
Character- and byte-field length 1...65534
Indexes per data file 0...255
Tag-name length 1...31 case-insensitive characters
BLOB field length 1...2^63-1

List of field types, supported by table

GX Dataware type Delphi type Description
gftAutoInc16 SmallInt signed 16-bit auto-increment field (unique record identifier)
gftAutoInc32 LongInt signed 32-bit auto-increment field (unique record identifier)
gftAutoInc64 Int64 signed 64-bit auto-increment field (unique record identifier)
gftAutoInc8 ShortInt signed 8-bit auto-increment field (unique record identifier)
gftBitmap BitMap analogue to gftVarBytes
gftBoolean boolean see Delphi Help
gftByte byte see Delphi Help
gftBytes array of byte array of byte field (up to 65534 bytes)
gftComp comp see Delphi Help
gftCurrency currency see Delphi Help
gftDate TDate date (year, month, day)
gftDateTime TDateTime date and time (year, month, day, hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds)
gftDouble double see Delphi Help
gftExtended extended see Delphi Help
gftFmtText pointer analogue to gftVarBytes
gftGUID TGUID see Delphi Help
gftInt64 Int64 see Delphi Help
gftLongInt LongInt see Delphi Help
gftLongMemo AnsiString variable size ansi string field (up to 2^63-1 characters)
gftLongString AnsiString ansi string field (up to 65534 characters)
gftLongWord LongWord see Delphi Help
gftReal48 Real48 see Delphi Help
gftShortInt ShortInt see Delphi Help
gftSingle single see Delphi Help
gftSmallDateTime TDateTime date and time (year, month, day, hours, minutes, seconds)
gftSmallInt SmallInt see Delphi Help
gftSmallTime TTime time (hours, minutes, seconds)
gftTime TTime time (hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds)
gftUInt64 UInt64 see Delphi Help
gftVarBytes array of byte variable size byte field (up to 2^63-1 bytes)
gftWideMemo WideString, UnicodeString variable size wide, unicode string field (up to about 32000 characters, depends on OS)
gftWideString WideString, UnicodeString wide, unicode string field (up to about 32000 characters, depends on OS)
gftWord word see Delphi Help

List of components

Component Framework Description
TGXComDataBase Provides complex definition, creation and initialization of a bunch of tables
TGXComTable Provides table management by form and by content
TGXStdTable Encapsulates a GX Dataware table. Unlike TGXComTable, it interacts with the native Delphi data-aware control elements
TGXDWNavigator The GX table navigator is used to move through the data in a dataset and perform operations on the data, such as inserting a blank record or posting a record
TGXDWGrid Displays and manipulates table records in a tabular grid
TGXDWLookupComboBox Represents a combo box that identifies a lookup field in dataset
TGXDWText Represents a data-aware control that displays the value of a field on a form
TGXDWEdit Represents a single-line edit control that can display and edit a field in a dataset
TGXDWLabeledEdit A TGXEdit control that has an associated label
TGXDWMemo Represents a multiline edit control that can display and edit a field in a GX table
TGXDWCheckBox It is a data-aware control that allows the user to select or deselect a single value
TGXDWComboBox Represents a data-aware combo box control with list of predefined values
TGXDWDateTimePicker Displays a list box for entering dates
TGXDWPostButton A special button for data saving
TGXDWCancelButton A special button for data canceling

Free additional applications and utilities (Windows only)

Application Description
GX View Data viewing
GX Assistant Interactive tool to administrate the data
GX Migration Converts the data from DBF to GX Dataware format (needs BDE preinstalled)

GX Dataware is a convenient and flexible components library for developing professional applications with an integrated database.