20th 2005f April 2005
Version 1.6.5 is available for download.

10th 2005f February 2005
Demo-versions for Delphi 7 updated. Now you can download GX Dataware 1 Standard and Professional Edition Demos for Delphi 6.

1st 2005f February 2005
New demo-versions of our products are avaliable for download.

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Native DBMS for native Delphi!

GX Dataware Information

If you:

• want to process big volume of data with controlled structure, typification and compact storage,

• would like your product to work without any additional libraries for accessing the data,

• don't want to be constrained with boundaries of SQL (but use SQL nevertheless),

• want to use file and in-memory tables,

• would like to have concurrent local, file-server and client-server data access,

• need the same flexible mechanism to work with tables as you have in local platforms,

• feel the necessity to access the tables both locally and in clent-server environment at the same time,

• need for support for client-server architecture in local and global networks,

• plan to use your products on Windows and Linux computers,

• lack for extended set of functions,

• need a product from the developer with long-term experience of use various DBMS

then GX Dataware is undoubtedly for you!


GX Dataware - is a compact tool for manipulating data with strict typification, fully corresponding to Delphi typification, and is able to store very big volume of data (64-bit addressing, parted indexes), which means you can store data in files that exceed 4294967295 bytes in size. It supports basic relation constructions (on the table level), but supplemented and extended (e.g. multiple masters, etc.). It contains the built-in evaluator, which lets you to use expressions in indexes and evaluate user-defined runtime calculations. GX Dataware provides data storage in its own format with support of transactions and data access both locally and in client-server environment.

All the tables, BLOB fields and indexes are stored in separate files in order to increase the size limit of stored data and the data access speed.

Main features

Feature Value
Fields per table 1...32767
Records per table 0...2^63-1
Filename length 1...255 case-insensitive characters
Field-name length 1...31 case-insensitive characters
Character- and byte-field length 1...65534
Indexes per data file 0...255
Tag-name length 1...31 case-insensitive characters
BLOB field length 1...2^63-1

List of field types, supported by table

GX Dataware Delphi Description
gftAutoInc Int64 auto-increment field (unique record identifier)
gftString string string field (up to 65534 characters)
gftBoolean boolean see Delphi Help
gftDate TDate date (year, month, day)
gftShortTime TTime time (hours, minutes, seconds)
gftDateTime TDateTime date and time (year, month, day, hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds)
gftShortInt ShortInt see Delphi Help
gftSmallInt SmallInt see Delphi Help
gftLongInt LongInt see Delphi Help
gftInt64 Int64 see Delphi Help
gftByte byte see Delphi Help
gftWord word see Delphi Help
gftLongWord LongWord see Delphi Help
gftSingle single see Delphi Help
gftReal48 Real48 see Delphi Help
gftDouble double see Delphi Help
gftExtended extended see Delphi Help
gftCurrency currency see Delphi Help
gftBytes pointer byte field (up to 65534 bytes)
gftMemo string string field (up to 2^63-1 characters)
gftVarBytes pointer byte field (up to 2^63-1 bytes)
gftTime TTime time (hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds)
gftComp comp see Delphi Help
gftBitmap BitMap analogue to gftVarBytes
gftFmtText pointer analogue to gftVarBytes

Product editions

Edition Description
Standard an edition, that contains only native components for data control and data access (limited set). Can be used with Delphi Personal Edition
Professional an edition, extended with the standard facility for data access (on the base of TDataSet) and a few additional components
Architect an edition, extended with the ability to produce distributed systems to store and process the data on the base of GX Distributed Data Objects technology

Additional applications and utilities

Application Edition Description
Std Pro Arc

GX View GX View

Data viewing

GX Assistant GX Assistant

Interactive tool to administrate the data

GX Migration GX Migration


Converts the data from DBF to GX (needs BDE preinstalled)

GX Server GX Server


Server application to access the data through TCP/IP on the base of GX Distributed Data Objects technology

GX Console GX Console


Console utility used to control GX Server remotely

Download the Demo

You can download the GX Dataware demo from our downloads page.